How do I love people I just don’t like?

You just make a choice. But seriously. I think sometimes we try to make somethings cuter than they are. Just choose. I mean, if it’s simply that you don’t like the person, well, c’mon man. There will always be those people we don’t like. That’s life. So instead of...

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Is there anyone I don’t have to love?

Unfortunately for some of us, no. Well, honestly, I guess unfortunately for all of us because we all have those people who have hurt us deeply and we just wish we could be done with them.   We are called to love everyone. However, we are also called to be wise....

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Are Jesus Followers afraid of guilt by association?

Yes. Yes. and Yes. A million times yes. YAAAAAAAS. So, that pretty much sums up this blog post. Bye Felicia. Okay I’m back. I guess the question is why? Or how do we make the madness stop? For the love of all things sacred and holy, I don’t know. Except that Jesus...

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