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Month: June 2019

Discover what it means to authentically follow Jesus

What Is Divinity?

What is divinity and why is it important to the Christian faith?

The divine presence. The divinity of Christ. Master of divinity (this is an actual seminary degree for those of you who are not familiar with Christian education). If you’re a Christian or are familiar with Christian circles, then you know we love the word “divinity.” However, do you know what it really means? Is being…
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Discovering Wonder and Awe

Finding space for wonder and awe in a distractful world

The modern world is very fast paced. A lot of things vie for our attention: social media, cell phones, television, video games, friends, family, work . . . the list could go on. The problem with spreading your attention so thin is that you can easily lose focus on developing your relationship with God. Now,…
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Beauty and Self-Image

How our perception of beauty is affecting our mental health

Cosmetic companies, clothing companies and Instagram models all teach us one common thing: Physical beauty is important. However, constantly throwing physical beauty in the face of the public creates unhealthy self-images in a lot of people.  So why do we see such a massive portrayal of physical beauty in commercials, on billboards and on social…
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Science & Faith

Faith and science: Is it possible for them to coexist?

One of the most common reasons someone who is not a Christian (or a follower of any faith, really) has not faith is because of science. They believe that science has taught us and shown us things that are empirically provable in ways that faith is not. And, in some ways, they’re right.  However, this…
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What Is Spirituality?

We hear a lot about being spiritual . . . but what is it?

In Christian circles, people talk a lot about being spiritual or growing in spirituality. To those who are not of the Christian faith, this language can be confusing. Heck, it’s confusing to many who do consider themselves Christians. What is spirituality? What does it mean to be spiritual? After all, we all have spirits and…
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Finding True Beauty

What is real beauty and how do you find it?

Our society has an obsession with self-image. Take a look at what you see in commercials, on billboards, in magazines and on social media. A lot of what companies are trying to sell us has much to do with our self-image. These companies market cosmetic products, clothing, accessories and other items to us every day.…
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Spiritual Growth

Six ways to grow in your personal spirituality

In Christian circles, we frequently hear people talk about spiritual growth. But, have you really reflected on what this means?  The Christian understanding of spirituality is essentially being in relationship with the Lord. So, when it comes to spiritual growth, what we really mean is growing closer to God. Six ways to grow closer to…
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How Beauty Affects Your Self-Image

Beauty isn’t bad, but we have a problem with the way we think about it

Some researchers have claimed that Instagram is the worst social media platform for your mental health. While this may seem harsh, and Instagram has plenty of good uses, there is some truth to how the platform affects your mental health. Instagram is primarily an image-based social media platform, and much of what you see on…
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The Biblical Use of the Word of "Awesome"

What the word “awesome” means and why it’s significant

Quick, what are some images that come to mind when you think of the word “awesome”? A cool snowboarding trick? A way of saying congratulations to someone who just got a promotion? A comment under every Instagram photo ever? The word “awesome” is used in many different ways in society.  Essentially, we use it to…
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How Everyone Is Spiritual in Some Way

Everyone is spiritual . . . you just might not realize it

If you’ve ever filled out a survey that has a question about religion, you’ve probably seen a box that reads something like “spiritual but not religious” or “agnostic.” Did you know that as of 2012 nearly a third of adults under the age of 30 checked this box? That number probably hasn’t changed much since…
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