Discover what it means to authentically follow Jesus in a modern world

What would Jesus say if He could see what you’re about to do? Do you even care? Should you care? And, if you do care, why should you care what Jesus would say?

Man, that’s a lot of questions. It’s probably just a few of the ones running through your head. Not to mention, they’re great questions. But, where in the world can you find the answers to those questions and the millions of other Jesus-related questions running circles in your mind? We have two words for you: Christian podcast.

Oh, you never thought of that? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We created our Christian podcast, called Unfiltered Radio, just for you. Now, you’re probably thinking, “how could you possibly have created this Christian podcast for me? You don’t know me.” You’re right, we probably don’t know you personally, but we also know that you’re not alone. We’ve been receiving questions just like the ones you’re asking for years. Now, we’re giving you the platform to ask. And the best part is, we’re answering you in a no-B.S. kind of way. This isn’t your sugar-coated Sunday school kind of podcast. It’s real. It’s gritty. It’s centered on Jesus. And it has the power to break up all of your preconceived notions about Jesus.

What is Unfiltered Radio?

Unfiltered Radio is an opportunity for you to discover who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him, authentically.

Why should I listen to Unfiltered Radio?

If you have questions or are skeptical about what you’ve heard about Jesus and Christianity, then this Christian podcast is exactly what you’re looking for. This podcast seeks to answer both the simplest and most difficult questions related to Jesus and Christianity. You can expect to find discussions around topics such as what did Jesus say about the poor and who is the church really for. We also bust into the historical evidence for Jesus, and we root our belief in intellectual truths, not mind-bending, unsatisfying fairytale-style faith. We promise that you have not encountered this type of logical reasoning for Jesus before. 

Who should tune in to Unfiltered Radio?

You. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed atheist who needs some solid evidence of the Jesus person and our beliefs; or an agnostic, who maybe grew up in the church, but you’ve been burned a few too many times by legalist Christians; or if you’re a Jesus follower, whether you’re new to the Jesus movement or if you’ve been around a while, there’s a place for everyone here. And, there’s an opportunity for you to ask some of the biggest questions related to both Jesus and Christianity and get a real response that’s not sugar-coated.

Are you ready to tune in?  You can listen to Unfiltered Radio every week day from 9:30-10am on WTBN 570 AM | 910 AM | 102.1 FM. You can also check out the past shows in the form of a podcast on our site or on Soundcloud and iTunes. Don’t let your questions stop you from believing in something that can change your life. Let’s cut the noise and have a real conversation about Jesus. We’re ready, are you?

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