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Investigating the Little Idols in Your Life That Cast Big Shadows

Investigating the little idols in your life that cast big shadows

When you put your hope and trust in the provision rather than the provider, you lose your ability to be happy. It is a dependency on God that provides true happiness, and yet we still cling to the small idols in our life and allow them to cast shadows that steal our joy. When we…
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Loving the LGBTQ+ Community in the Church

Loving the LGBTQ+ community in the church

First, to love someone means that you are willing to sit down and listen to their story, to understand, to let your heart break for theirs and to rejoice with their rejoicing. To truly love the LGBTQ+ is to be willing to hear the hard truths of the rejection and alienation they have experienced from…
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When Loving Others Conflicts With Biblical Law

When loving others conflicts with biblical law

Everyone is talking about love lately. There’s even a presidential candidate harnessing the power of love on the debate stage and in her campaign. Perhaps the sudden focus is due to the extremities of hate that have surfaced in our American culture. One does not have to look far to see how hateful rhetoric turns…
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Is It Really Possible to Have a Personal Relationship With God?

Is it really possible to have a personal relationship with God?

There is a lot of talk at church about having a personal relationship with God, but what does that mean? How can we even begin to think that the Creator of the universe has the time to sit and be with me? Is it arrogant, misguided, or contradictory to what the Bible says? Because let’s…
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What Christianity Has to Learn from Other Systems of Belief

What Christianity has to learn from other systems of belief

The first question to ask is, do you know anyone who practices a religion other than Christianity? If not, why not? If so, have you learned anything about your own system of belief from listening to theirs?  It may be surprising to discover how much we have in common with other systems of belief. Did…
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What to Do When It Is Hard to Trust God

What to do when it is hard to trust God

Difficult times will come; in fact, God never promised that this life would be easy. We get things twisted when we start believing that God is a genie up in the sky pouring out our wish list because, you know, we do good and stuff. Nope. That’s not who God is.  Nowhere in the Bible…
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10 Peacemakers That Should Influence You

10 Peacemakers That Should Influence You

What does it mean to be a peacemaker? First and foremost, it is not having an absence of conflict or accommodating all sides. There are times when compromise is not the answer. When injustice and oppression happen, claiming there is good on all sides and seeking to find the middle ground is not peacemaking. Allowing…
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How Can We Be Humble in a Society That Loves Pride?

How can we be humble in a society that loves pride?

We live in a proud country. Patriotism is trumpeted from pulpits, and evangelicalism seems to go hand in hand with one party. But is this true? In a world that is measured by clicks, follows, and likes, are we following God’s heart or chasing after acceptance? Have we fallen into the trap of blindly following…
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What Does It Mean to Surrender to God in Today’s World?

What does it mean to surrender to God in today’s world?

If you’ve grown up in the church at all, chances are high you’ve heard it said, “Do not conform to this world; instead, strive to be counterculture. But what does that mean?” Especially if the culture you are inundated in is the Westernized church.  Let’s break this down, because what Scripture says is not what…
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Dealing With Rejection as a Christian

Dealing with rejection as a Christian

No matter what faith or community you associate yourself with, you will experience rejection at some point in your life. At no point am I saying that dealing with rejection is unique to Christians; what I am saying is that Christians have been empowered uniquely to deal with rejection.  Created for relationship God is a…
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