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Jesus refugee

Don’t forget, Jesus was a refugee at one point

Here’s the one piece of information we encourage you to remember in the midst of this debate: Jesus was a refugee. Let’s keep that in mind.

questions about faith

Why having questions about Christianity is the best thing for your faith

Everything we have in life is because of questions. Every invention, every social revolution — they all came about because of questions. Questions are how we investigate the world around us, how we learn and how we determine our next steps in life. As parents, we encourage questions from our children (to an extent) to…
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don't know what to do

New Waiting Room Podcast Launches

Get ready, because we’re about to launch our favorite podcast series yet — The Waiting Room. This series hits home on so many levels. Whether you are a Jesus follower or an atheist (or anywhere in between), You’ll find this next series is relatable to you. What’s The Waiting Room about? The whole premise of…
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sticking to resolution

Why Jesus would want you to stick to your New Year’s resolution

We’re about a month into the new year — are you still doing your resolution? Really? It may seem like a small deal to not keep up on your resolution, but it may be an indication of something larger according to Jesus. In Luke 16:10, Jesus talks about the power of being faithful in the…
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birdbox christian meaning

A biblical view of ‘Birdbox’ and why it matters to Christians

If you have Netflix, you’ve seen Birdbox. Maybe that’s a large assumption, but it’s kind of true. If you haven’t seen it, chances are you’ve heard of it. If you have seen Birdbox, then you’ve probably ended the movie thinking, “What the hell did I just watch?” There are evil spirits, mass suicides, and blindfolded…
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chris pratt daniel fast

Chris Pratt takes a stand for his faith (again!), and we love it!

Recently, Chris Pratt announced on Instagram that he is starting the Daniel fast — a 21-day biblically inspired fast of food restriction and prayer.

Christian podcast

Relevant Christian Podcast for the Jesus Follower and Skeptic Alike

Unfiltered Radio is a relevant Christian podcast for the Jesus follower and the skeptic alike — but you probably figured that out from the title. Of course, it’s a relevant podcast. Who would set out to create an irrelevant message that people didn’t care about or find relatable? And yet, that’s what the church has…
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setting boundaries with people

Why “love others” in unhealthy relationships sometimes means setting boundaries

Whether you grew up Christian or not, you were probably taught the Golden Rule as a child. You know, the rule that says you should treat others the way you want to be treated? Well, that little nugget of wisdom came directly from Jesus as He preached to a multitude of people about how to…
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What Did Jesus Say About Tithing

What Did Jesus Say About Tithing

So, you’re sitting in church and all of the sudden the buckets (or baskets) are starting to weave in and out of the rows. And you see people throwing in wads of money, change from the bottom of their purse or sometimes some envelopes – and who really knows what’s in those. What the heck…
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What Did Jesus Say On the Cross

What Did Jesus Say On the Cross

If you’re familiar with Jesus at all, hopefully you have heard about His sacrifice on the cross. Jesus, quite literally, died on the cross to set each and every person free from sin. That means because Jesus, who lived a pure and blameless (and sinless) life, sacrificed himself in our place so that we weren’t…
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