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Discover what it means to authentically follow Jesus

Can the Bible Be Trusted?

Can the Bible be trusted by modern or progressive thinkers?

When viewing contradictions in the Bible — whether it be contradictions within the text itself or contradictions with science and history — people are left wondering if they can even trust the Bible. Before discussing if the Bible can be trusted, it’s worth reflecting on what it means to trust the Bible in the first…
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3 Reasons You Feel Like You Don't Belong

Why do I feel like I don’t belong in this world?

Does it feel like everyone around you fits in well together but you don’t? Do you feel like no one understands you or that you don’t belong anywhere? We want to let you know that it’s not weird to feel like this. More people than you realize have felt like they’re isolated or don’t belong…
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Why You Feel Like You Don't Belong

Why do I feel like I don’t belong anywhere?

At some point in your life, you may feel isolated. This might be during a short phase of life, such as when you’re a developing teenager, it might be a long-lasting sensation or it may even be a sudden feeling of loneliness. Regardless of how long or how suddenly your sense of isolation develops, it…
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It’s OK to Struggle With Doubts of Your Faith

It’s OK to struggle with doubts of your faith

“Just have faith!” It’s a cliche that gets thrown around at church and in the Christian community. The words are trite and come with an underlying message that your problems stem from a lack of faith, but do they? Is there really anything wrong with struggling through doubt? Or is there a purpose to doubt? …
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What to Do When It Is Hard to Trust God

What to do when it is hard to trust God

Difficult times will come; in fact, God never promised that this life would be easy. We get things twisted when we start believing that God is a genie up in the sky pouring out our wish list because, you know, we do good and stuff. Nope. That’s not who God is.  Nowhere in the Bible…
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Science & Faith

Faith and science: Is it possible for them to coexist?

One of the most common reasons someone who is not a Christian (or a follower of any faith, really) has not faith is because of science. They believe that science has taught us and shown us things that are empirically provable in ways that faith is not. And, in some ways, they’re right.  However, this…
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Can one have an intellectual belief in the resurrection of Jesus or does it require straight blind faith?

Don’t throw away your mind

Not being able to explain something does not mean there is not an explanation. Look, we all come to the conversation with our own preconceived ideas. Our lives, education, faith and family backgrounds shape how we view the world. Science and the laws of nature explain most phenomena that occur. But what happens when they…
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questions about faith

Why having questions about Christianity is the best thing for your faith

Everything we have in life is because of questions. Every invention, every social revolution — they all came about because of questions. Questions are how we investigate the world around us, how we learn and how we determine our next steps in life. As parents, we encourage questions from our children (to an extent) to…
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don't know what to do

New Waiting Room Podcast Launches

Get ready, because we’re about to launch our favorite podcast series yet — The Waiting Room. This series hits home on so many levels. Whether you are a Jesus follower or an atheist (or anywhere in between), You’ll find this next series is relatable to you. What’s The Waiting Room about? The whole premise of…
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Jesus quotes about faith

Jesus Quotes About Faith

Sometimes, having faith is hard. Like, really hard. Maybe you just recently lost a loved one, or you lost your job, or you’re just having a really shitty week, month or year. In those difficult moments, it’s hard to have faith in Jesus – because how could He let this happen? We may never understand…
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