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Category: Encouragement

Discover what it means to authentically follow Jesus

Hard Questions About God

Three hard questions about God even the most devout Christians have — part 1

Having faith in God is easy for some (it’s described as a spiritual gift in the Bible), but for many, it’s very difficult. People have a lot of hard questions about God, even the most devout of Christians. Take a look at some hard questions about God in the first part of this new series:…
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How to Stop Worrying About Everything

A few important tips to help you stop worrying about everything

You might have heard it said that worrying just adds stress to your life, which is bad for your mental and physical well-being. The problem with this is that knowing this can just add even more worry to your life, which creates this vicious cycle of worrying and knowing it’s bad to worry and worrying…
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How to Improve Your Spiritual Health

Three thoughts on how to improve your spiritual health in a material world

In today’s world, it’s easy to get swept up in materialism. We work jobs so we can make money so we can buy things. That’s a great oversimplification, but you get the idea. We constantly focus on earning something so we can exchange it for something else. This isn’t inherently bad or anything; it’s just…
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What Does It Mean to Wait on the Lord?

What does it mean to wait on the Lord in today’s culture?

In today’s world, we’re not the best at waiting on things. We like fast food, fast internet, fast video streams, no wait times at the hospital or the DMV … the list could go on. So, when the Bible tells us (more than once) to wait upon the Lord, what does this mean? Does it…
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Tips for Finding Peace Within Yourself

Finding peace within yourself amid chaos and uncertainty

The modern world can feel chaotic and overwhelming. It often seems like there is no peace around the next corner in life. However, this often has more to do with our internal view rather than the situations we find ourselves facing.  Finding peace within yourself is important for your mental health and your ability to…
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3 Reasons You Feel Like You Don't Belong

Why do I feel like I don’t belong in this world?

Does it feel like everyone around you fits in well together but you don’t? Do you feel like no one understands you or that you don’t belong anywhere? We want to let you know that it’s not weird to feel like this. More people than you realize have felt like they’re isolated or don’t belong…
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Improving Your Life

Want to change your life for the better? Here are three steps that can help

Do you have a bad habit you want to kick to the curb? Are you looking to learn something new or make some sort of improvement to your life? If you’ve never faced challenges like these before, it can be pretty daunting to figure out how to accomplish them. No two people are the same.…
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Improving Your Self-Worth

Your sense of self-worth is more important than you might realize

When you think of yourself, what comes to mind? Do you like the person you’re thinking of? Do you feel like they’re deserving of love? Do you feel like they’re valuable as a person? If your thoughts about yourself are negative and you don’t think well of yourself, you might have a low sense of…
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Why You Feel Like You Don't Belong

Why do I feel like I don’t belong anywhere?

At some point in your life, you may feel isolated. This might be during a short phase of life, such as when you’re a developing teenager, it might be a long-lasting sensation or it may even be a sudden feeling of loneliness. Regardless of how long or how suddenly your sense of isolation develops, it…
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What does the Bible say about immigrants?

Immigration is a hot-button topic that’s usually in the spotlight of political debates. However, whether someone should or should not be in your country is no excuse to dehumanize or mistreat them. The Bible is explicitly clear on this issue, yet many of those who call themselves Christians completely disregard and mistreat those who are…
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