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Discover what it means to authentically follow Jesus

What Is Divinity?

What is divinity and why is it important to the Christian faith?

The divine presence. The divinity of Christ. Master of divinity (this is an actual seminary degree for those of you who are not familiar with Christian education). If you’re a Christian or are familiar with Christian circles, then you know we love the word “divinity.” However, do you know what it really means? Is being…
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Can one have an intellectual belief in the resurrection of Jesus or does it require straight blind faith?

Don’t throw away your mind

Not being able to explain something does not mean there is not an explanation. Look, we all come to the conversation with our own preconceived ideas. Our lives, education, faith and family backgrounds shape how we view the world. Science and the laws of nature explain most phenomena that occur. But what happens when they…
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Are you ready to identify and give up the things that have taken over your heart in place of God?

It’s Time To Surrender

Are you paying attention to the stuff inside of you? It’s an indication of who or what has control of your heart. When this stuff begins to surface it is a warning that it’s time to surrender your heart back to God. If you don’t you may end up in a place in life where…
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Discover how trials can be an opportunity for God to show off his power.

Perhaps this is the time for which you were created

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:2-4, NIV When trials come our way, we are to consider it…
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Have you hurt someone close to you and wonder if peace is even possible? Find out why reconciliation is important.

It’s not too late to apologize

Do you know why you hurt people who are the closest to you? It’s because you are looking for fulfillment in someone close at hand. You have brought something into the relationship, a desire of some kind that is not being met and conflict arises. We are all selfish and fail miserably from time to…
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Find out how to let go of your past failures and start living into freedom.

You are called to leave the grave

We talk a lot about forgiveness and offering it to others, but what if the person you hurt is yourself? How do you stop living in the past with your failures? You have been called to freedom and peace. Peace is within your grasp but you have to pursue it intentionally. This isn’t just peace…
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You can not carry all of your burdens and those of someone else. Learn how to set boundaries around unhealthy relationships.

How to love with boundaries

If you are in a relationship with a toxic person, the most loving thing you can do is create boundaries. Paul said in Romans 12:18, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” And again in Hebrews 12:14a, “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone.”…
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real Jesus

The real, gritty Jesus who makes us uncomfortable

One of the major comforts Christians seem to be unable to let go of is control. This isn’t particularly a slam against Christians because control seems to be something all people struggle with, regardless of faith. We’re driven to control every aspect of our life because it makes us feel safe and secure. As soon…
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anxiety Christians

Anxiety is a real thing, and it’s affecting Christians

With few exceptions, when Christians get sick, we go to the doctor. When we are injured, we go to the doctor. We still pray to God in these situations, and this is good, but almost none of us (in Western Christian culture) rely solely on the power of prayer to heal our bodies. So, why…
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why do couples fight

What are the two biggest things couples fight about?

No couple is the same. There are plenty of different reasons we fight that all vary depending on the individual people in the relationship. However, there are some consistent topics that almost all couples fight about. These are intimacy and money. Why do couples fight about intimacy and money? Intimacy and money are two very…
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