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DC comics Jesus

Jesus & Superheroes: Why we need them both

Last month, in a rare explicit depiction of a global religious figure, DC comics announced a brand-new comic about the return of Jesus Christ titled Second Coming. In the series, Jesus is sent down to earth to learn what it takes to be the true Messiah. To do this he becomes roommates with Sun-Man, the…
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setting boundaries with people

Why “love others” in unhealthy relationships sometimes means setting boundaries

Whether you grew up Christian or not, you were probably taught the Golden Rule as a child. You know, the rule that says you should treat others the way you want to be treated? Well, that little nugget of wisdom came directly from Jesus as He preached to a multitude of people about how to…
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What Did Jesus Say About Love | Relevant Christian Life | Unfiltered Radio

What Did Jesus Say About Love

You’ve heard the Beatles sing about and you watched Rachel and Ross try to figure it out on FRIENDS — that’s right, we’re talk about the big, scary L-word. LOVE. What is love? How do you know you’re in love?  Is it really just a feeling you get? There’s a lot of questions surrounding what…
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Who is my neighbor and is it okay to not love other people?

Who is my neighbor and is it okay to not love other people?

It’s the question we all want an answered. We all want that excuse to go “Aha! I knew I didn’t need to love so-and-so!” But, is it ever okay to exclude someone from your love and claim that God’s love is outside of their lives? Is your neighbor defined by something tangible or is your…
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How do I love people I just don’t like?

You just make a choice. But seriously. I think sometimes we try to make somethings cuter than they are. Just choose. I mean, if it’s simply that you don’t like the person, well, c’mon man. There will always be those people we don’t like. That’s life. So instead of bemoaning it or allowing it to…
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Is there anyone I don’t have to love?

Unfortunately for some of us, no. Well, honestly, I guess unfortunately for all of us because we all have those people who have hurt us deeply and we just wish we could be done with them.   We are called to love everyone. However, we are also called to be wise. So what does wise…
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What does “faith expressing itself through love” actually mean?

Once we accept Jesus’ unconditional love for us, we are begin healing. We begin to feel accepted. Worthwhile. Secure. We stop looking to everyone and everything to make us feel okay. We look to Jesus. And this allows us to love and to serve others. We are whole people. We are forgiven. We are free.…
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Why is it so hard for us to extend Jesus’ unconditional love?

Why do we have trouble loving others unconditionally? Two reasons:   We don’t love ourselves. We aren’t receiving love from anyone.   If we don’t love ourselves, we will be unwilling to receive love from others because we believe we are unworthy. Because there is no love going in, we have no love going out.…
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What Happens when You Treat Love as a Choice and not a Feeling_

What happens when you treat love as a choice and not a feeling?

We get by with choosing who to love by using the excuse of feelings. Dose that person make you mad? Does that person hurt your feelings? Does that person scare you? Does that person annoy you? Do you just not “mesh” with that person? Do you just not get along with that person? The extension…
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UNFILTERED RADIO | Authentically follow Jesus

Three reasons why actively loving others is as important for you as it is for them

Kinda crazy title for a blog post on love, am I right? Well, sometimes we are just curious. Like, if we know we are going to have to love some tough, annoying, insensitive people, we’d like to think we weren’t just throwing ourselves in front of a bus to be run over. So what’s the…
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