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questions about faith

Why having questions about Christianity is the best thing for your faith

Everything we have in life is because of questions. Every invention, every social revolution — they all came about because of questions. Questions are how we investigate the world around us, how we learn and how we determine our next steps in life. As parents, we encourage questions from our children (to an extent) to…
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chris pratt daniel fast

Chris Pratt takes a stand for his faith (again!), and we love it!

Recently, Chris Pratt announced on Instagram that he is starting the Daniel fast — a 21-day biblically inspired fast of food restriction and prayer.

What Did Jesus Say About Tithing

What Did Jesus Say About Tithing

So, you’re sitting in church and all of the sudden the buckets (or baskets) are starting to weave in and out of the rows. And you see people throwing in wads of money, change from the bottom of their purse or sometimes some envelopes – and who really knows what’s in those. What the heck…
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What Did Jesus Say About the Poor? | Christian Life and Podcast | Unfiltered Radio

What Did Jesus Say About the Poor?

You’re sitting in your car at a stoplight, trying to keep your eyes straight forward because if you don’t make eye contact, you don’t have to give him money. Or, you weave in and of cars on your way back to your car in the Walmart parking lot, hoping to avoid the lady selling handmade…
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what did Jesus say about prayer

What Did Jesus Say About Prayer

“You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.” If you’ve ever gone through a difficult season in life, you’ve probably seen this written on your social media accounts or even whispered in your ear. In those moments, the words seem a bit trite because you know deep down that the person who uttered them probably isn’t…
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