Discover what it means to authentically follow Jesus in a modern world


You’re allowed to be skeptical. The church has a reputation for being judgemental and hypocritical – all things that Jesus opposed. So, we get it. You’re an intellectual who needs solid proof to believe what we believe. We respect that. We believe firm faith is built on intellect. Ask questions.


Maybe you grew up in church, but somewhere along the way you decided the Jesus thing wasn’t for you. Maybe your experiences didn’t match up with the Jesus you were taught. Maybe there’s more to this Jesus thing than you thought.

Jesus Follower

Whether you’re new to the Jesus movement or you’ve been following for years, this podcast will help you root your faith in the core of what Jesus was all about. Never stop learning. Lean in and discover what it really means to authentically follow Jesus.

What Did Jesus Really Say About _____?

There has been a lot of noise about what Jesus really said about the things we face in life, and not all of it is true. Our goal is to strip away the politically correct, sugar-coated version of the gospel and get down to the core of what Jesus actually said. And we believe that at the crux of it all, we’ll discover a Jesus who was passionate about loving others. We believe that His words are worth discovering, and His lessons are still applicable today.

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Jesus is still relevant in today’s culture and in our daily lives. Find out what it means to follow Jesus in your relationships, your workplace and everywhere you go.

Making friends who are different from you

Making friends who are different from you

People love comfort. We’ll flock to whatever makes us feel comfortable and safe. We’ll seek familiar places, foods, music, movies and people, so we don’t have to take the risk of discomfort with anything new. However, it’s this kind of behavior that leads to more gaps...

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