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If you missed our Sunday morning segment, you can still catch all of our shows here by listening to our podcasts. Browse through the podcasts below to learn more about what it means to authentically follow Jesus. Have questions? Send them in through our contact form below, and one of our team members will reach out to you.

Current Series – How to Neighbor

What did Jesus mean when He said “love your neighbor?” What does that mean for us in a modern context when we are rushing through life with full schedules and neighbors with whom we don’t exactly get along? And why is “love your neighbor” something that the church has historically struggled with?

How to Neighbor | Unfiltered Radio | Podcasts about Jesus

Sunday, March 18 – How to Neighbor, Part 1


Connect the Dots

What if those seemingly difficult seasons in life were preparing you for your future success? What if every roadblock and redirect in life guided you toward your actual purpose? What if you could connect the dots of the events in your life to see a bigger picture and help you find your purpose?

Connect the Dots | Unfiltered Radio

Sunday, March 11th – Connect the Dots, Part 2


Sunday, March 4th – Connect the Dots, Part 1