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Current Series – The Waiting Room

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? What do you do when the only choices for your next step don’t give you any good options? How do you find the courage to keep your faith in the midst of the waiting season, when it feels like God has abandoned you and you don’t know where to go next?

Sunday, May 20th – The Waiting Room, Part 1

Sunday, May 27th – The Waiting Room, Part 2

Sunday, June 3rd – The Waiting Room, Part 3

Sunday, June 10th – The Waiting Room, Part 4

Sunday, June 17th – The Waiting Room, Part 5

Sunday, June 24th – The Waiting Room, Part 6

Sunday, July 1st – The Waiting Room, Part 7

Sunday, July 8th – The Waiting Room, Part 8

Sunday, July 15th – The Waiting Room, Part 9


The Last Courageous

How do you have courage in life when all of your insecurities and inefficiencies are screaming in your head that you don’t have what it takes? What does it mean to have courage in the face of doubt, and how can you choose to let courage be the defining value of your life?

The Last Courageous Thing

Sunday, May 6th – The Last Courageous Thing, Part 1


Sunday, May 13th – The Last Courageous Thing, Part 2


How to Neighbor

What did Jesus mean when He said “love your neighbor?” What does that mean for us in a modern context when we are rushing through life with full schedules and neighbors with whom we don’t exactly get along? And why is “love your neighbor” something that the church has historically struggled with?

How to Neighbor | Unfiltered Radio | Podcasts about Jesus

Sunday, March 18 – How to Neighbor, Part 1

Sunday, March 25 – How to Neighbor, Part 2

Sunday, April 1 – How to Neighbor, Part 3

Sunday, April 8 – How to Neighbor, Part 4

Sunday, April 15 – How to Neighbor, Part 5

 Sunday, April 22 – How to Neighbor, Part 6



Easter Series – Believe Again

Easter Believe Again Podcast

Easter Sunday, April 1st – Believe Again

April 7th, – Believe Again Pt. 2



Connect the Dots

What if those seemingly difficult seasons in life were preparing you for your future success? What if every roadblock and redirect in life guided you toward your actual purpose? What if you could connect the dots of the events in your life to see a bigger picture and help you find your purpose?

Connect the Dots | Unfiltered Radio

Sunday, March 11th – Connect the Dots, Part 2

Sunday, March 4th – Connect the Dots, Part 1